Skin Tightening

Restore a more firm, youthful, radiant you without surgery!
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Skin Tightening

Restore a more firm, youthful, radiant you without surgery!
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Skin Tightening Rochester, NY

You deserve to look as young as possible for as long as possible.

We’ve all got them. Those “droopy” areas that have lost elasticity over time, making you look and feel “old” and “tired”. It is time to tighten and lift loose skin without the expenditure or down time of surgery.

At Laser Skincare of Rochester, we specialize in non-surgical, non-invasive, FDA approved skin tightening technologies which target and lift the skin in these “loose” areas, restoring elasticity and a more youthful firmness.

Our laser skin tightening treatment is a very popular service (with proven results!) that helps to tighten the skin through the procedure of rebuilding collagen, which offers structure and definition.

Our Commonly Treated Areas Include

  • Face and neck
  • Upper arms
  • Abs and flanks
  • Back roll
  • Buttocks
  • Front and back of thighs


This is a non-surgical treatment used to reduce wrinkles, revive and restore collagen and obtain a younger-looking face and body contour.  There is no reddening of the skin or peeling afterward, thus there is no downtime!


Skin tightening

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Why consider non-surgical skin tightening?

As we age, generation of collagen and elastin—two proteins that assist our skin to remain stout, firm and smooth—backs off, bringing about regions of remiss, hanging skin on the face, neck and body. On the off chance that you are annoyed by skin laxity, non-careful skin tightening can incidentally end this procedure and re-establish a firmer, smoother, more energetic appearance with next to zero downtime.
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Why should you choose Laser Skin Care of Rochester for Skin tightening?

The highly trained, professional and experienced staff at Laser Skin Care Rochester Skin tightening for face and body provide exceptional services to all clients. Alongside, the modern FDA approved equipment used guarantees all customers they will be provided with top notch services, and they will definitely walk out with increased confidence and a sense of satisfaction.


Laser Skincare of Rochester has had incredible success with our laser skin tightening systems. We use non-invasive techniques, which are specifically tailored to meet a customer's specific needs and desires. We do not have a “one size fits all” solution like all the various other providers.

In fact, we use the best laser technologies to achieve optimum results based on your individual needs. Remember, customer satisfaction is our top priority, because it is all about you looking and feeling better, and we take great pride in being a part of bringing about this positive change!


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